Training sessions

In a training session I provide up-to-date advice on how to train your dog, so you can teach your dog to be well-behaved. Training sessions usually last one hour, but you may request a longer or shorter session. I attend your house or a public place such as a park, depending on the training needs of your dog. Training sessions are tailored to your individual requirements. Examples of typical training sessions include:

  • Basic puppy training – Your new puppy will not be able to run around out and about or attend training clubs until completing vaccination. I can come to your home to provide training advice as soon as you get your puppy, so your new puppy doesn’t pick up bad habits while you’re waiting for classes. This is usually a one-off session, but I can come again if required.
  • One-to-one basic training – This will often take place in the home and cover basic training for puppies or adult dogs that require the basics.
  • Training out and about – I will come to a public place such as a park you regularly walk your dog. This is appropriate for working on specific behaviours that don’t occur in the home. For example, I will demonstrate how to respond to dog-to-dog aggression and how to prevent it occurring, in addition to teaching the dog to become more sociable.

I charge £30 per hour plus 45p per mile round trip fuel fee if I am travelling further than 10 miles from BD13.