Life Skills

There are some basic skills that every dog needs to be taught.

Does your dog ignore you when you call him back? It’s a wonderful thing to be able to allow your dog to run loose off the lead, but a good recall is essential. Being able to call your dog back to you not only saves others from having their picnic food stolen, but it can also save your dog’s life when you call him back from that main road.

Does your dog drag you down the street? Pulling on the lead is a very common problem, and if your dog is a large breed he can be difficult to control. No matter the size of your dog, pulling on the lead can lead to muscle and ligament damage to both you and your dog.

No dog is too old to train. I can help you to train all the skills that your dog needs to learn so that life with him is fun instead of a chore. All my training sessions are one-to-one, so you and your dog will have my undivided attention.

If you have a dog with special needs, he can still be trained. I can help you train your dog even if he is deaf or blind or has any other disability.

Specially for puppies

It is never too early to begin training. That first month before your puppy is fully vaccinated is a long time for you both to be picking up bad training habits. I can come to your home and help you get started with modern and effective training methods.

In these early days I can show you:

  • how to toilet train your puppy
  • what to do about all that biting
  • how to manage a puppy who cries at night
  • and give you a kick start on training so you are confident when your puppy is ready to meet the outside world.

Each life skills session typically lasts one hour, but this is negotiable according to individual requirements.