Dogs and children

Are you having a baby and feeling unsure how your dog will react to the new family member?

Having a new baby is a time of great change, and your dog will feel this just as much as you do. His routine will change, and he will very likely find that you are less available than you were before. This can lead to jealousy and depression in your dog.

It is best to prepare your dog for these changes before the baby arrives. Once the baby is here she will take up most of your time, and you won’t want to be retraining your dog while caring for the new arrival. I will advise you on how to prepare your dog beforehand, so that he is ready for the new routine.

We will also discuss how to introduce your dog to the baby, and how to ensure this new relationship goes smoothly so that your dog can accept the new arrival as a valued member of the family.

Are there problems between your children and your dog?

Does your dog or puppy jump up at the children?

Does he chase them or nip them?

It’s amazing how well we get along with our dogs most of the time, considering that we’re very different species and don’t talk the same language!

Young children often find it very difficult to act in the calm and consistent way that dogs need. As a parent myself I know how hectic things can get when children and dogs are involved, and I can advise you on how to help your dog and child get along more harmoniously.

This session will take place in your home and will last approximately one and a half hours. The price is £120 plus 45p per mile round trip fuel fee if you are over 10 miles from BD13.