Aggression specialist

  • Does your dog bark and lunge on the lead?
  • Are you unable to have your dog offlead because he fights?
  • Are you a dawn or twilight walker, forced to walk your dog when no one else is around?
  • Do your own dogs fight each other?
  • Does your dog hate people?

Dealing with an aggressive dog on your own is a very lonely experience, and can easily lead to despair. We love our dogs dearly, and we long for them to be able to enjoy the freedoms that other dogs enjoy.

I have worked with many aggressive dogs over the years. In my experience, aggression occurs when a dog finds himself in a situation with which he cannot cope. Your dog is in need of help so that he can learn new coping skills.

Veterinary form

Sometimes aggression can be associated with an underlying medical condition. This does not mean that I cannot work with your dog, but it is helpful to have your vet outline any relevant medical conditions and confirm that your dog is fit enough to undertake behavioural training. For this reason I request that you ask your vet to complete a pre-consultation veterinary form.

The behaviour consultation

Once your vet has confirmed that your dog is fit enough to go ahead with behavioural work, I will come to visit you and your dog at your house for an initial consultation. This visit will last approximately one and a half hours. If possible we will arrange a time when everyone who takes care of your dog can be present. It is important that everyone follows the behaviour programme, as inconsistency will confuse your dog and hinder progress.

In the initial session I will go through a behaviour questionnaire with you. This will provide me with all the relevant information about your dog that I need in order to prepare a behaviour programme for him. I usually begin working on the dog’s behaviour during this first session, and I will leave you with advice on how to go forward with this.

After we have had the initial consultation, I will write-up an individualised behaviour and training plan for your dog and email this to you.

Support and follow-up

Once we have had the consultation, support is just a phone call or an email away. If you have any problems putting the plan into action or you need me to clarify anything, I will discuss this with you as part of the fee you have paid.

How many sessions will you need?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer this question, because every dog is unique. Some dogs require one visit and their owners are able to put the behaviour plan into actions without the need for further visits. Other dogs need a series of sessions either in the home or outside. We will discuss whether additional sessions will be required during the initial consultation.